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Monday, July 26, 2010

Truth, Justice and the Comic Way!

There are times when I'm proud of nerds.

Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church, has made quite a name for himself by speaking out against the evils of the world--especially homosexuality. He likes to lead protests at funerals.

He is, to put it mildly, not a very nice man.

Phelps and his crew started protesting outside the San Diego Comic Convention--not a bad choice from their point of view, since its attended not only by easy targets like science fiction fans, but increasingly by Hollywood types as well.

Trouble is--the nerds were on their home turf, and were ready to counterpunch.

Folks like Fred Phelps are ripe targets for parody and satire--and very few rabble-rousers can stand up to humor.

Phelp's (in)famous signs such as "God Hates Fags" were met with hand made signs reading "God Hates Borg" and "God Hates Kittens".

(There was a fellow in a Star Trek Federation costume holding a sign that read "God Hates Jedi", a sad example of inter-faith conflict in an otherwise unified effort).

A chap dressed as Bender, the robot from "Futurama", held a sign with a more general sentiment "Kill All Humans", which was doubtless a bit extreme, even for Phelps.

Many signs were even sillier--"Odin Loves You", "All Glory to the Hypno-Toad", and my favorite meta-message: A sign with the question "Is this thing on?"

You can see more about the event here.

Do you suppose we could hire these folks to follow Phelps around?


  1. >Do you suppose we could hire these folks to follow Phelps

    Hire them? These are nerds, they'd do it for free. At least if you told them there were hot babes there, or never-before-seen Trek blooper tapes, or whatever. (Never-before-seen Trek blooper tapes of hot babes having wardrobe malfunctions?)

    But did the counterprotest seem to have any effect on the Phelpsians?

  2. The Phelpsites are professional trolls. They want people to attack them so that they can sue for rights violations.

    So, the more outrageous the target the better.

    Sooner or later, though, they will try to go after someone without restraint, like the Hell's Angels. And there will be no witnesses.